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More than 15 years of closely working with youths has taught us how important you (parents) are to their development. Parents tell us we are effective in supporting change and creating possibilities where it was hopeless. Parents have enrolled in being coached and have sent their child to us too. 

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Here are what some of our clients say about us

Mr. Kevin Thio
Parent of 4

Elgin served us in our desperation and provided options where Abbi was adamant and closed to us as parents. His ability to navigate teenager space is a gift. His ability to connect is authentic and  shifting hearts is one of the hardest things to do in life, but Elgin did it for Abbi and us. 

We are super grateful for his love and support.

Ms. Karen Low
Parent of 2

Edaphic had agreed to help me talk to my daughter just before PSLE to give her a nudge in her studies. In just one conversation, Elgin provided a real yet encouraging view of the consequences of her actions, so that she understands what she does and what paths it puts her on. He was engaging throughout the conversation, and I could see a spark of realisation in my kiddo’s eye, and most importantly, at no point in the conversation did he ever put her down. Positive, encouraging and yet able to show her the importance of her actions – Elgin exhibited good coaching skills in my mind!.


It takes a village to raise a child. It also takes a village to support a family.

Over the last 2 years, parents have joined in and tuned into our quarterly parenting webinars.

We have also partnered with families through our coaching sessions to help parents gain a roadmap to relate with and motivate their children.


Want your child to grow up more resilient? We have a ‘Resilience - Checklist’ for you.

complimentary consultation

Hoping to grow your child in the areas  Resilience, Discipline and/or Conflict Resolution?


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