Transit Read

What is this all about?

‘Changes mean new chances and new choices. What’s after P6? What are the paths after Sec 4/5? What now?’ If your child is going through transition, we would like to extend our help to you.

Why us?

With more than 13 years of experience, we learned that it is easier to do parenting with the support of others. They say, it takes a village to raise a child. We would prefer to say it takes a village to grow a family. That is why we are here.

We have had the privilege of meeting students from all walks of life. The crème de la crème, the confused child, the one who is living the parents’ dream, the one who knows it all, etc. Our role is not that of a magic wand. We come alongside your family and help point your child towards clarity of his/her goals. The child walks away with a clearer vision of what is ahead, takes up ownership and begins to take realistic steps forward.

Here’re some of what parents say about us:

“Elgin had agreed to help me talk to my daughter just before PSLE to give her a nudge in her studies. In just one conversation, Elgin provided a real yet encouraging view of the consequences of her actions, so that she understands what she does and what paths it puts her on. He was engaging throughout the conversation, and I could see a spark of realisation in my kiddo’s eye, and most importantly, at no point in the conversation did he ever put her down. Positive, encouraging and yet able to show her the importance of her actions – Elgin exhibited good coaching skills in my mind!.”

– Ms. Karen Low, Parent of 2

I applied what Alex had taught me and indeed I see significant improvement with my child’s addiction with video. I would like to sincerely thank Alex for the short coaching session and I will recommend anyone who is working or is thinking of working with him, to give Alex a chance to bring the best out of you.”

– Nicholas Huang, Father of 1

We pay close attention to each youth we work with. The pedagogy we embrace is largely a Coaching Model and we strongly believe in the fact that every child wants to succeed. Success can defer in definitely from child to child. We aim to help your child find his/her definition of success too.

Still wondering if we are legit?

Here is one more of what a ‘seasoned’ parent said about us:

Elgin is dedicated, soft and sharp and within minutes was encouraging Abbi and building her confidence. Watching him navigate and managing our teen was an impressive artful sight watching him connect and communicate was truly beautiful. But for us even more so, we are grateful for his coming along side us.”

– Kevin Thio, Parent of 4

We usually meet up on a face-to-face engagement. Alternatively, it can be done via an Online Engagement tool as well.

So is this just a one-off complimentary Coaching session?

Our hope is your child would walk away with greater clarity and some fundamental know-how of his/her immediate next step. That is the start of building momentum. If your child finds the complimentary session useful and would like to have more clarity/coaching sessions, yes we can further the work with a per session rate.

What if you prefer to receive the complimentary Coaching session instead?

We would be more than happy to meet you and share how you might journey alongside your child during this important transition period.

In short, we are here to help.

We wish to give that extra boost to you and your child.

Treat it like a give-away, a gift, some prize you won in a lucky-draw. Take advantage of us. Scan the QR Code to chat with us and we are just one text away.

Don’t hesitate any further. Reach us for a conversation today.

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Scan this to reach us directly at our Telegram chat