Our Story

Edaphic Leadership Consulting believes in going to the root of issues in order to effect positive, sustainable change in lives. The word edaphic means “influenced by the soil rather than by the climate”. This resonates with our core belief that as much as the soil is an integral part of the growth of a plant, a person’s values, character and attitudes are critical to the development of a healthy leader. An individual whose foundation is rooted in goodness would (by way of analogy) be fruitful, and that fruitfulness would be sustained as the conditions of the soil (value system) remain stable and healthy. It is our goal to build and nurture good soil in the hearts of the leaders whose lives we aim to touch.

Edaphic Leadership Consulting Pte Ltd is founded by two educators who saw the potential of equipping youth to be leaders and building leadership foundations in the different institutions of society – schools, organisations and families. The consultants working in the organisation have collectively trained more than 70,000 students. Each consultant has had the privilege of minimally 7 years of experience with youths. Its principal consultant has extensive corporate experience as well, helping hospitals, banks and food and beverage companies to work through transitions and organisational behaviour issues. Its principal trainer has extensive experience with youth engagement and running national level camps and summits.

Edaphic Leadership Consulting envisions itself to be a key partner with schools in building or rebuilding a new leadership culture that would transform the school into a place where responsibility, respect, reflection and reform become anchors that power the lives of the youth leaders there. Responsibility comes from the ability to respond to ever-changing situations and needs; respect comes from the principle of loving the people around us and building social networks based on everyone’s potential; reflection through making sense of one’s emotions and experiences; reform through personal choices and decisions to make active changes in their mindsets, attitudes and behaviours.

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